Culimer and Makro join hands to launch Super Frozen Tuna at Makro branch Barendrecht


This March, Makro Barendrecht will start a pilot to launch Culimer's -60ºC Superfrozen tuna into the 'selfservice wholesale market'

This 'fresher than fresh' tuna is perfect alternative for fresh tuna which is not allowed for raw consumption by EU directive.
Superfrozen tuna is the solution for raw tuna consumption such as Tuna Carpaccio, Tuna Tartar, Tuna Sushi and Tuna Tataki.
it is more convenient as it can be re-freshed whenever needed and for that can be used very efficient with less waist.
Superfrozen tuna is transported by special sea containers and has over 70% less carbon footprint against fresh tuna which is flown in by air.

You can find the -60ºC Superfrozen Tuna Chunks, Steaks, Saku and Carpaccio in the special -60ºC freezer at the seafood department

For more information please check or contact our superfrozen specialists at +31 10 4530250