Culimer at the SEG


Like every year, you can find the Culimer team at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels in Hall 6 at stand 1225

This year there are 2 product groups that will be highlighted:

1. Super Frozen Tuna: during the show you will lean all about the advantages of Superfrozen Tuna products 

  • More value for less catch
  • Easy to use; remove from freezer at night, ready to use the next morning
  • Oceanfreight vs airfreight results in 80% reduction of carbon footprint 
  • Fresher that so-called 'fresh' tuna
  • Less waste for end users; you only defrost what you need, when you need it!
  • Contributes to the sustainable development of worldwide tuna stocks

2. Sushi at Home: high quality seafood in small handy packages which allows everyone to become a 'top' Sushi-Chef

A professional sushi chef will freshly prepare the tuna at the booth so clients can see for themselves the superb quality of
Super Frozen Tuna.

The SEG in Brussels is the mayor seafood trade event in the world with more that 25,800 buyers and suppliers of seafood.