Kunsei, trendy smoked sushi

A brand new sushi topping - called Kunsei - will be introduced at the European Seafood Exposition tomorrow. Kunsei is the strong combination of fine seafood and delicate smoke taste, suitable for Japanese or any other kind of cuisine. The new product has been developed by seafood supplier Culimer in close cooperation with Japanese chefs.

Seafood supplier Culimer will introduce a new sushi topping at the European Seafood Exposition tomorrow,  called Kunsei. The product is a strong combination of fine seafood and delicate smoke taste, developed in close cooperation with Japanese chefs. Trendy sushi bars in Europe and Japan have been succesfully experimenting with these smoked sushi toppings.

"The Japanese chefs are happy with the arrival of Kunsei and said they are going to adopt the Kunsei range in their menu",  says Maarten van Geest, communication manager of Culimer B.V. "Consumers always look for new products and chefs say they expect extra spin-off by implementing the smoked taste in their assortment. Furthermore, Kunsei products are ready and easy to use without having any waste", he adds.

The Kunsei range consits of Kunsei maguro saku, Kunsei maguro saku sesame and Kunsei shiro maguro saku. The English translation for maguro is tuna and shiro maguro is butterfish. The saku blocks are 250 to 400 grams. Chefs say the advantage of Kunsei saku blocks is the unique taste combination and reduction of waste in the kitchen.

Culimer group of companies
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