Introduction of GLOBALG.A.P. certified white shrimps

Name: White shrimp
Scientific name: Penaeus vannamei

The white shrimp, also known as the whiteleg shrimp or Pacific white shrimp, is a farmed shrimp originally coming from the eastern Pacific Ocean, from Sonora in Mexico to northern Peru. White shrimp is the major species of farmed shrimp.

GLOBAL G.A.P. certified
The Toppy white shrimps (Penaeus vannamei) of Culimer B.V. are GLOBALG.A.P. certified products. GLOBALG.A.P (formerly known as EUREPG.A.P) has established itself as a key reference for Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) in the global market place, by translating consumer requirements into agricultural production in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 100 on every continent.

GLOBALG.A.P is a pre-farm-gate standard, which means that the certificate covers the process of the certified product from farm inputs like feed or seedlings and all the farming activities until the product leaves the farm. GLOBALG.A.P is a business-to-business label and is therefore not directly visible to consumers.

Product range
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