The Coral Eden

Culimer has participated in the Dutch release of the TV documentary The Coral Eden Monday, a film about a fragile realm. The release was preceded by a panel discussion, where leaders representing WWF, MSC, The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation, Greenpeace, Dutch Social Green political party and Culimer were invited to participate. The Coral Eden aims to highlight the importance of a functional marine ecosystem by taking the viewer to one of the last untouched places in the world where biodiversity still flourishes and where people still live in harmony with nature. 

The Coral Eden is part of the Project Oceans, an initiative of the United Postcode Lotteries of Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK in collaboration with WWF, Greenpeace and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Project Oceans aims to end overfishing and protect endangered species by increasing the supply of MSC-certified seafood and establishing more marine projected areas around the globe.

Culimer's combination of Circle hook long line fishing with Super Frozen -60°C is a strong tool towards sustainable tuna. In partnership with WWF, Culimer actively trains fishermen and observers in the awareness and use of Circle hooks. Studies have confirmed that Circle hooks can reduce the hooking rate of marine turtles by as much as 80 percent, compared to traditional J-hooks.

Panel discussion participants:
Rens de Jong - BNR Newsradio

Carel Drijver - WWF, Head of Oceans
Hans Hoogeveen - Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation
Pavel Klinckhamers - Greenpeace, Head of Oceans
Nathalie Steins - MSC Netherlands, Manager Benelux
Martin Brugman - Culimer B.V., Managing Director
Liesbeth van Tongeren - Dutch Social Green political party, Member of Dutch Parliament

A trailer of The Coral Eden ccan be watched here.