New arrival: Snow crab clusters, cooked

Snow crab clusters cooked

Culimer, one of the leading suppliers of top range seafood, today announced it has added snow crab clusters to its existing range of products. The new product is an extension to the existing snow and king crab range. Snow crab, renowned for its sweet taste, has become a cheaper alternative to king crab in various cuisines.

Seafood supplier Culimer has added snow crab clusters to its existing product range today. This crustacea
n, Chionoecetes opilio, is a new extension to the existing range of snow and king crab products and seen as the primary snow crab species in the seafood industry.

“Snow crab is known for its delicious sweet taste and allows its clusters to be a reasonable alternative to the impressive king crab clusters”, Communication manager Maarten van Geest says. “Last year we’ve experienced an increase of snow crab consumption and we have had several requests for clusters already.”

The clusters are packed in cartons of 11kg and carry the Culimer brandname, a new brand which will be launched in the next coming months.

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