Snow Crab Clusters - Cooked

Name: Snow crab
Scientific name: Chionoecetes opilio
Origin: Vietnam

Snow crab clusters cooked

Snow crab is a coldwater seafood species that lives in the northern Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The primary species referred to as snow crab is Chionoecetes opilio. Chionoecetes is the scientific name of seven different snow crab species. In average the crabs can be found at 70 – 280 meters depth, where males and females usually live separated from each other while living at different depths. They feed themselves with other invertebrates, such as crustaceans and bivalves. Snow crabs can reach a total length of approximately one meter (total length of carapace and legs).

In many cuisines snow crab is used as alternative to the expensive king crab. Snow crab, in some parts of the world also known as queen crab, is filled with succulent white meat with a sweet taste. It’s low in fat source and used in a wide range of meals and salads.

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