Super Frozen Swordfish Loins

Name: Swordfish
Scientific name: Xiphias gladius
Origin: Vietnam, Indonesia
SuperFrozen Swordfish Loins.JPG
Swordfish, also named as The Gladiator (because of its sharp bill), is a highly migratory, large fish that is found throughout the world’s tropic and temperate seas. It has a dark gray body on top and a white-gray body on the belly.

Super frozen swordfish is fresher than fresh swordfish and has a superb color. Our Super frozen swordfish is caught by long line vessels or harpoons, dolphinsafe fishing methods, and immediately stored at a temperature of -60°C. The products sustain no deterioration at this temperature and can therefore compete with so-called fresh fish. Fresh fish by air can be 11 to 14 days old and deteriorating all the while before it is ultimately consumed.

Super frozen products eliminate air freighting and its unwanted Carbon Footprint effects.

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