Japanese Style

Super Frozen Tuna Saku (Maguro)

Name: Yellowfin Tuna
Scientific name: Thunnus albacares
Origin: Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea
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Tuna is a large, distinctive, pelagic and world’s most popular commercial fish. It has a pink to dark red flesh, a firm texture and contains the valued Omega 3 oil.

Super frozen tuna is fresher than fresh tuna. It has a superb red color and is the best replacement for the endangered Bluefin tuna. Our Super frozen tuna is caught by long line vessels, a dolphinsafe fishing method, and immediately stored at a temperature of -60°C. The products sustain no deterioration at this temperature and can therefore compete with so-called fresh fish. Fresh fish by air can be 11 to 14 days old and deteriorating all the while before it is ultimately consumed.

Super frozen products eliminate air freighting and its unwanted Carbon Footprint effects.

In partnership with WWF, we are developing the Vietnamese fisheries by working towards sustainable tuna. For more information of this project you can look at the sustainability page of this website.
We can also offer MSC certified tuna saku